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“To give and not to count the cost” – St. Ignatius of Loyola

Our ministries extend across a world of human need and striving

Get to know us

Get to know us
Becoming a Jesuit takes a long time, from entering the order to final vows can take nearly 12-15 years. The focus of Jesuit formation is to prepare priests and brothers who are well-educated, trained in the Spiritual Exercises and have the skills to minister in a diverse and ever-changing environment.

Partner in mission

Partner in mission
No matter how you are connected to the Society of Jesus, you can become part of the Jesuit mission; you can join men and women of faith and generosity who want to make a difference in the world by putting their beliefs into action.

Support a Project

Support a Project
Due to the more than 300 different ministries that Jesuits and our partners lead in Africa and Madagascar, there has been a need to foster greater coordination and develop a “ministry of fundraising” to support these same ministries.
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Development sees the need, not the cause

Latest Projects
The formation of young men is one of the most important ministries of the Jesuits in Africa and Madagascar, as it is an investment in the future – ensuring well-educated, spiritually formed Jesuits trained to take on the challenges of the various ministries to which they are called.
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Become part of the Jesuit mission, and impact through giving to our various ministries. You can also help by sharing about what we do as Jesuits, and help us in advancing the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can also be part of our prayer network.
St. Ignatius of Loyola’s own experience of development was anchored on partnerships and relationships, always advancing the mission of the Society of Jesus. Help us continue in his footsteps in order to meet the needs of Jesuits in training and our various ministries.
Consistent culture of protection
Agreed JCAM has increased awareness and has shown commitment to creating a culturally sensitive and contextually relevant safeguarding environment to ensure a generation free from abuse; promoting, within the formation houses, ministries and governance a consistent culture of protection.
Partners in mission
Donors from across the globe have become partners in mission. Today, more than Jesuits worldwide boast of 16,000 Jesuits and brothers, with 1600 Jesuits in Africa and Madagascar, in collaboration with donors and lay partners, continue to advance the mission of reconciliation, and promote a faith that does justice.
Showing the way to God
Throughout the world, Jesuits are known for their colleges, universities and high schools. Their distinctive spirituality attracts even more people who are searching for greater meaning and faith. St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, developed a way of praying that helps people “find God in all things.” The signature spirituality of Jesuits.
Transforming lives
Reported that they have benefited from Jesuit ministry. With over 300 different ministries that Jesuits and partners lead in Africa, we are tasked with the support of the five formation centers, facilitating development of a common vision, collaboration among the 9 provinces of JCAM and the leaders of these many ministries.
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